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Provisor Marketing’s collaborative Go-To-Market approach brings manufacturers and retailers together in ways that allow both to think and act creatively. As a result, Provisor Marketing has developed client relationships on both sides of the proverbial “desk.” Specific to manufacturers of CPG products, Provisor Marketing works with brands that can typically be described in one of the following ways:

New-to-the-world:  these brands are trail-blazing new product categories, or creating
entirely new consumer usage occasions. Often these brands require new or unique
consumer habits and practices in order to gain a foothold in the marketplace.

Underperforming/Niche:  these brands are not performing up to their potential, or, are
not reaching their target consumer effectively enough. In many cases these brands often
lack the organizational resources to fully analyze the issues, and/or devise and implement
new strategies and tactics to ignite sales.

Heritage:  these brands at one time had success in the market, but due to reduced
investment over time have experienced significant sales erosion. These brands are
usually purchased from large companies by smaller firms, and require cost-effective
help re-establishing a growth plan.