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Provisor Marketing works with small and mid-sized brands helping them to succeed in a marketplace dominated by large brands. Each project is tailored to the unique needs of the client – based on their objectives, needs and capabilities.  We can work on a project basis or as an ongoing team member.

Business Strategy

Situation: A Client is looking to revitalize and grow their brand, they see several different opportunities, but don’t know which element to invest in or need help getting started. A fresh perspective is needed.

Provisor Services: 

Brand Checkup: We make a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the brand. Starting

   with the target consumer, assessing all aspects of the brand business model to identify

   those elements which have the greatest potential to positively impact the brand.
Marketing Plan: With the target consumer as our guidepost we develop a consumer

   advertising and promotion plan designed to deliver business results leveraging the brand’s

   capabilities and staying within the budgets provided.
Implementation: Provisor will take the whole or select elements of the brand business

   plan, complete and implement the plan.

Consumer Advertising and Promotion Planning

Situation: A Client needs a consumer advertising and promotion plan focused against the brand’s target consumer that will help support the brand at retail and provide the “pull” needed to move product off the shelf.

Provisor Services: 

Integrated Marketing Plan: We ensure that every aspect of the brand’s plan is maximized

   and that the brand’s message is consistent among marketing elements so the target

   consumer experiences the “surround sound”. We also insure that marketing and sales efforts

   are aligned to maximize brand impact
Agency Partnerships: We have a team of service providers who understand and address

   the unique challenges facing small brands in today’s business environment. Together with

   these partners we develop a plan focused on the unique needs of our clients within the

   budget parameters provided.
Co-Op Marketing Events: Where possible we leverage scale by combining non-competing

   brands under a common theme or common consumer usage occasion in a marketing vehicle

   to leverage scale and maximize efficiency.

Channel Business Development

Situation:  A Client is looking to enter a new channel of distribution and needs to understand the channel requirements and opportunities as well as develop a successful channel business model.

Provisor Services: 

Industry Expertise: Leveraging our knowledge and a network of channel experts, we

   provide a complete overview of the channel including retailer insights and current trends.
Risk Assessment: We quantify costs, revenue potential, and overall risk of channel entry.

Strategy: We create an effective channel plan that accounts for brand resources,

   limitations, and unique retail opportunities.

"Alpha" Business Model: Documentation of proposed business model highlighting key


Implementation: We execute launch plans, aligning internal resources, and coordinating

   external partners and service providers.